Update on the Kete Software Upgrade Phase One

Hi there,

It seems timely to write an update on the Kete project.  As you know the project got a green-light in July 2013 and we began in August.   We have a team of two, Rob Ramsay and Breccan McLeod working through this phase and we’ve been putting in steady time on the upgrade.

We work in 2 weekly sprints, and report to JD in Levin, Leith Haarhoff of Palmerston North City Library and Andy Neale at Digital NZ.

We are delighted that Palmerston North City Libraries have contributed $5k towards the project, which reduces risk in the project and it is great to have their involvement as an advocate for the project and a potential future user.

It would be fair to characterise progress through the initial sprints as somewhat slower than we had hoped on the Ruby on Rails upgrade (i.e. completing the work taking longer than estimated which is common in software).  This may mean the work through the Mongo migration and web app aspects also might be at the pessimistic end of our estimates.  One of the benefits of the phased approach is that we are tackling these critical risks right now and we are laying a path for the community to develop new features which are easier to draw in funding for. Coupled with fortnightly meetings, it gives us an ability to keep steady progress and keep the governance group in touch.

Here’s the latest from last week’s meeting:

  • The dependent software (gems) have been modified to allow updating the core Rails software.
  • The site’s code has been modified to run with the new version of Rails.
  • Parts of the software are running (creating/migrating databases), and the server is now able to run.
  • Bugs in the software happen when a page is requested, and these are being worked on.
  • The next phase is converting the database to Mongo, and should start in a few days.
  • After that there will be more bugs evident, which will need to be worked through. We expect this to be a lot of work.
  • Some of these bugs are tied to the parts of the system using zebra and the old database, meaning the site won’t be operational till after the mongo change.

It would be great if you dropped a note to comment on the updates, and where your Kete community is at.  Also any suggestions of contributions of stories for the new Kete blog created by JD are welcome.

One thought on “Update on the Kete Software Upgrade Phase One

  1. Henry Phillips

    I am a retired electrician in Levin and i enjoy researching local history subjects and people in this area. I joined in with the Horowhenua Library Trust to put my research on the program. I had come to grips with using the Kete until recently trying to use the latest updates. I now find it so hard to use and very frustrating, I have much research and photos to load onto the program, but have had to call a hault to my work. In desperation after consulting with Library staff and other users i decided to send this email. I find that when I add additional information to existing subjects, I click on the update button, Kete tells me the update was successful but it hasn’t.
    I have to go to edit to bring up the work i have been doing. I like to put a boarder around some photos to make them look interesting, can’t do this any more.
    Kete is running very slow. Other users are also having similar problems. I am a 75 year old veteran but reasonably computer literate. Am i the one causing these problems or is there a bug in the system?. Your advice will be much appreciated.
    Kind regards Henry Phillips.


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